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Cake Frame is a revolutionary food grade armature that allows you to easily build the internal structure for cakes. Think of it like Meccano for cakes! An internal structure is needed when you want to make anything other than a stacked cake. Think balancing, gravity defying, inverted tier, chandelier, character, novelty or traditional cake designs. For years people have turned to using whatever materials are available for their creations, often drilling holes into wooden boards and gluing metal and plastic plumbing pipes to this. These materials are not designed for this use and in most cases are not 100% food grade, But the Cake Frame solves these problems and could even cuts your construction time by up to 90%.
With Cake frame you can finally let your imagination run free. Dawn has created all manner of joints, with different length straight rods, curves and angles. Their are rigid platforms too, both round and square are available, that will support your cakes as you create height, and the most integral part - the foundation piece - screws your structure tightly to the base board. The pieces are all compatible with each other and will interlink at 180°, 90° and 45° angles, allowing you to create larger cakes quickly and confidently as the pieces will fit together securely with no wobble or movement at all. 
Cake Frame pieces are also durable enough to be used time and time again, and are dishwasher safe, but are economical enough to be disposable. 
As well as all of these fantastic benefits, you can also thread LED's through the Frame to created illuminating cakes and wire up motors for moving cake pieces. Their really are no limits any more! 
This Cake Frame starter kit comes with all the pieces needed and full instructions to create the 10 cake designs pictured below. However, this is just the start! 
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